At the start of each year, it’s not only common to reevaluate aspects of your everyday life, but it’s also beneficial. We often start with our health, then move onto our appearance, and finally, relationships. But what about the way we live?

More often than not, save for tidying up and organizing, the look and feel of our homes goes sadly neglected at the start of the year and more commonly throughout it. But why? After all, the way your home makes you look and feel can make all the difference in enhancing your daily life for the better, while also boosting your pride.

To get you inspired, we turned to interior design firm Décor Aid for their takes on the best home refresh ideas for 2019 to make your home feel anew with ease and sophistication.


You may not realize this, but it only takes about 25 seconds to make a first impression, and since your foyer or entryway is the first thing people see when they approach your home, it makes for a great starting point when beginning room refresh projects. Take a quick scan through it and see what works, and what simply doesn’t. From there you’ll have a better understanding of what direction you’d like to see the area go. And to make it easier on you, start with the basics. Go ahead and declutter, but also think about updating your welcome mat outside and your rug inside for something more vibrant. And do give your front door a fresh coat of paint in an unexpected hue to make it all the more unique to your home.


An affordable and highly enjoyable room refresh must-do is to create a rich and intoxicating scent story that’ll work as a signature for your home. Create an indulgent mix of scents via beautifully packaged candles, perfumed incense, and drawer liners that you can switch out as the seasons change.


Decluttering and tidying up is a great and free way to elevate the look and feel of your home, but in reality, you shouldn’t be waiting until the start of a new year to begin doing so. Instead, by organizing and tidying up as much as you can on a daily basis, your home will always come off as well-manicured and it’ll make doing everyday chores all the easier instead of waiting to do everything in one fell swoop that’ll feel daunting to do and take days to accomplish.


Make every room in your home feel warmer and more intimate by reapproaching your lighting schemes for a more layered take. To get the look right, don’t rely on just the overhead lighting already outfitted in your home. Instead, bring in a variety of lighting options from lamps to sconces, to candles, to really set the tone while diffusing what could have otherwise been harsh, unflattering lighting.


Because every area in your home should have memorable focal points to make every room feel alive, unique, and well-judged, think about what the strongest design points are in each room and how you can make everything work together seamlessly. It could be something as simple as reframing a favorite print, sourcing a striking mobile to be hung from the ceiling or something as easy as a large grouping of vibrant fresh flowers.

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